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A holistic vision of communication, a world made of art projects and creative contents, approached with experiences, intuition and empathy. Luisa moved her firsts steps in communication since she was very young, learning to take care of every detail: from choosing the right typographical, to the new challenges of technology, always staying focused on a global vision of the project.

Luisa Bertoldo

ph. Omar Macchiavelli x Pineider

Whatever it is about, the way you tell a story can make the difference.

When Luisa founded her studio in Milano she worked with the most important brands in design, fashion and food. Today Luisa brings her creative supervision in Italian and international companies who are looking for authenticity, credibility with a touch of uniqueness, from branding to social media. This is how new opportunities bloom, thanks to an original way of work, created harmonizing her passions and her skills with the business partner targets, putting together a team “ad hoc” for every kind of need.

Bagni Luisa
With this spirit two years ago she created her own brand Bagni Luisa, conceived as an imagination exercise, an independent reality where to express styles and concepts, to test new ideas. In a short time Bagni Luisa found its own autonomous life through many collections and limited editions in fashion, accessories and design, and as Luisa loves to define it “ A simple line of objects with a unique Italian touch”.