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The new Ballantyne is back!

Client: Ballantyne  
Year: 2015

Fabio Gatto has officially acquired the whole company stake. The new Ballantyne is back!

“When I got to know the world of Ballantyne, I realized immediately the importance of reviving this company. It is a fascinating company with a rich history, possessing a rare heritage that has not been honored appropriately in recent years” explains Fabio Gatto. “It is time for the brand to find the true meaning of its unique qualities again, regain its role as a status symbol in the world of knitwear, continue to enjoy the success that has characterized many decades. There are those who wore this brand two or three decades ago and those in the younger generations who appreciate the charm of its unmistakable aura.

Being back in vogue as a key brand, inside and outside Italy, is the goal. I was able to see personally, even outside Europe, that the name Ballantyne is still an integral part of a special collective memory, linked to the history of tradition. And for this, it must return to its true splendor”.


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