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SUN68 website

Client: SUN68  
Year: 2013

SUN68 is an un-conventional Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and materials. With the idea of designing for everyday situations, SUN68 is both being inspired and seeks to inspire common people and their lives. SUN68 came about in 2005 as an independent experiment in designing clothes for what appeared to be a gap in the fashion market. Born by observing the needs of real people, SUN68 has entered the fashion world from the back door, creating a line of products that stood out for their uncompromising aesthetics and original design.



other inspirations

838B1724_Hastens_DreamingClub_ph.DanieleFragale Elemania_Elena Salmistraro_Cc-Tapis Schermata 2018-10-01 alle 15.33.48 Schermata 2018-09-05 alle 12.25.30 Nova Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset ANGELIA AMI_005 NANBAN_unique_76-square

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