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SUN68 presents MILANO ACOUSTICS CERCA CASA: Adam Green & Francesco Mandelli

Client: SUN68  
Year: 2013

The protagonist of the fourth video by Milano Acoustics Cerca Casa is Adam Green.

He’ve played his single “My shadow tags on behind” in the new, still empty, house of his fan and old friend Francesco Mandelli.

Adam Green (born May 28, 1981 in Mount Kisco, New York) is an American singer-songwriter, artist and filmmaker.
Green is well known for his involvement in the Anti-folk music movement and as one half of the band The Moldy Peaches. Green has found success as a solo artist, enjoying increasing popularity in the United States as well as a number of European countries, particularly Germany. In 2012, Green made references to an upcoming duet album with Binki Shapiro, which was released on January 29, 2013.





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