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Steel colors

Client: Ciclotte  
Year: 2012

Ciclotte Steel, launched in 2012 is dressed with new colors: red, white and grey are the standard available versions, completed by a wide palette of shades customizable on demand.
Steel becomes a new way of thinking about fitness, and expressing the emotions in color with a more attractive price. Together with the use of steel for the frame, carbon fiber remains for the handle-bars and the rim representing the real trademark of Lamiflex Group.

In April 2012, the exclusive iPad and iPhone holder,will increase the level of entertainment during the ride, living the user the possibility to watch movies, or listen to music.
This innovative accessory can be integrated with a package of electronical devices: a receiver connected with the mobile device and a cadence sensor attached to the pedal cranck, will let the user have information on the workouts, such as current speed, average speed and distance covered.
Moreover, the lateral ends of the accessory made of a special non-slip plastic will provide comfortable horizontal handlebars, in alternative or addition to the vertical ones in carbon fiber of Ciclotte.



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