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Soft Marble

Client: Spotti  
Year: 2012

Marsotto Edizioni and Spotti meet at Fuorisalone 2012 to initiate a project that challenges the consistency of marble and pays tribute to its purity.
Considered by the greatest artists and sculptures throughout time as a material that is as precious as it is difficult to sculpt, marble is very resistant yet, at the same time, very fragile; Soft Marble was created from this very reflection by the creative Studiopepe duo, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. It will be presented at the prestigious Spotti location at Viale Piave, April 17 – 22.
The showroom displays will host large polyurethane cubes supporting exclusive Marsotto Edizioni furnishings in White Carrara Marble; a play of contrasts between the two starring elements, capable of creating unexpected symmetry and eliminating spaces along with their habitual perceptions. Soft Marble is, first of all, an oxymoron, an exchange of roles and identities.
The collection presented by Marsotto Edizioni at the 2012 International Furniture Salon is the result of collaboration with a team of international designers who have worked with this incredible material – Italian excellence throughout the world.



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