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PRESENZE Biografie inedite di cento oggetti

Client: Allestimenti Porta Nuova  

From March 23 until the end of Salone del Mobile in Milan, within the Spazio Ex Verniciature di Allestimento Porta Nuova in Via Adamello 9, will host the exhibition Presenze, Biografie inedite di cento oggetti, a collection of 100 autonomous objects, chosen for their biography or just met; different and discontinuous presences in our daily that can generate new habitats, witnesses that accompany our destiny, or merely Us.

The presences of this exhibition don’t come from the traditional design circuit or the great collections, but directly from the most intimate providers’s rooms.


Free Entry

Everyday from 11.00 am to 6.30 pm (closed from April 4 to 6)



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