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Nastro Say Yes/ Pijama Say Party

Client: Pijama  

On the occasion of the temporary venue sponsored by Nastro Azzurro, Pijama has displayed its limited edition and rarities produced along the years with leading brands in the field of fashion, design, music etc.

A special silk screen workshop by Atelier Vostok involved people in the creation of customizable pijama in fluo colors.


other inspirations

CC-Tapis 170418 047 28Posti_Salone2018-teaser_phGiulioBoem MI-ORTO VERTICALE senza folletti EACA2EF2-9853-4DDE-9716-2EA7B3EBF40D passo_7 27709743_1660817007294551_989726184987616643_o LUISA BERTOLDO PRESS OFFICE_PRESS DAY SS 18_15_NOVEMBRE_VIA SCALDASOLE 7_small 28947206_1689404434435808_4561295366562491151_o

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