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Miracle in Milan

Client: Hästens  
Year: 2013



On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2013 Hästens and Giulio Iacchetti decided to offer a dreamy atmosphere presenting a psychedelic dream installation at the showroom.
The space is transformed for the occasion into a kaleidoscopic game of moods that changes color from blue to white and transform the typical scene into a geometric fantasy.
Large pillows with psychedelic prints are the canvas of this creative interpretation by Giulio Iacchetti.
This time Hästens lets you travel with your imagination and allows you to transform its “untouchable” checked pattern.
The “Miracle in Milan” installation starts with the exclusive interpretation of fabrics and soft pillows and goes on to transforming external elements of the city such as the bollard and colors it in an explosion of blue and white checks.



other inspirations

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