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Happy Office Happy Home

Client: Spotti  
Year: 2013

During Milan Design Week 2013 Spotti, in collaboration with the Swiss company USM Modular Furniture, is set to present a special display called ‘Happy Office Happy Home’ curated by Studiopepe.
Featuring bright and strong colors, the USM modular furnishing accessories will be set up in four different environments, all with a close connection to home: Dining, Living, Study and Bedroom areas.
Four areas, separated by scenic backdrops, decorated by colored metal sculptures / installations designed exclusively for Spotti Edizioni.
The display aims to change the point of view from which one looks at accessories that usually decorate our offices, to reveal new horizons of use in a typical domestic environment.
The display will also include furnishing accessories by the Scandinavian brand onecollection which graces Spotti with a selection of timeless pieces by Finn Juhl, from the poet sofa to the 45 chair to theeye table to the sideboard.
All the rugs in the different areas planned are by Golran, a Persian company which, through the Carpet Reloaded collection, interprets classic, patterned carpets in a contemporary style.
The brand Lampe Gras, already available exclusively at Spotti, will present a variation in red of its iconic dcw in the occasion of Milan Design week including floor, hanging and table lamp models.



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