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Client: SUN68  

For this spring SUN68 has organized a series of appointement dedicated to the girls. They will take place in SUN68 store: Viale Gorizia 30, Milano

This is the calendar:

23rd of May: in collaboration with the first beauty concept store in Milan: Bahama Mama. All the girls can choose their favourite color and put it on their nails!

30th of May: in collaboration with Madame Gioia.  We’ll talk about Home Decor and we’ll learn a lot of precious suggestions to perfectly adorn our houses.

6th of June: in collaboration with Sìlovoglio. We’ll learn to cook delicious cupcakes and we’ll make them nicely garnished.

13rd of June: In collaboration with Pijama. They’ll do a lot of  funny silk-screen printing on their beautiful accessories.

To take part to these events, please write an email to: milano@sun68.com or call the number: 02.8356401.







other inspirations

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more works from SUN68