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EVERYDAYLIFE: a project by SUN68, illustrated by ANDREAS SAMUELSSON

Client: SUN68  
Year: 2013

EVERYDAYLIFE is a project created by SUN68, whose aim is to share SUN68’s attention for details and purity through the use of unpretentious objects and careful observation of disregarded daily gestures.

The beauty of the everyday has always been a value for SUN68 in its pursue of simplicity seen as a means to access individuality and personal expression. Like SUN68’s clothes, designed not through style and fashion, but through the right choices, attention to craft and materials, EVERYDAYLIFE tries to offer an intimate look on our daily routine by sharing useful quality goods, with smart but unobtrusive design.

EVERYDAYLIFE has selected a series of essential objects such as a toothbrush, a bell, a comb, crayons, a hot water bottle or a padlock to share with its users.These simple objects communicate SUN68’s belief in the hidden potential for finding the beauty in the ordinary and unveiling the genuine power of simplicity.



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