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Client: Esemplare  
Year: 2014
In an era marked by the standardization of production processes, “quality” is not a term to be used lightly, because it has to do with values such as tradition, craftsmanship, respect and attention to detail. Values rare at the moment but essential to make a garment truly “exemplary”. In this production mainly focused on the quality, the revival of tradition goes through the use of the most advanced technologies and comes out stronger, is more present and able to deal with the changing times with ease. For this reason each creation signed ESEMPLARE is characterized by clean lines, yet refined, with carefully selected materials, finishes to work with mastery, but especially by the passion of who carries them out.
ESEMPLARE born from the desire to follow a new path in the field of clothing, dedicated to those who will walk through the streets of every day, with the mind or on their own feet, provided in full freedom. And is this the sense of freedom that inspires us: Who wears ESEMPLARE do it with naturalness, seeing it as a part of their identity, almost to the point of forget about it. Each chapter is different from the other because lives through the personality of who wears it, turning from time to time in something new and bringing with him a message in constant evolution.

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