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A garden in the heart of Milan

Client: Corsia del Giardino  
Year: 2012

The new bistrot and bakery Corsia del Giardino is located in Via Manzoni 16 in the city center of Milan. It is a tranquil and elegant oasis in the heart of Milan, between Via Montenapoleone and La Scala. Corsia del Giardino was in fact named after Via Manzoni itself, the ancient street being called “Corsia del Giardino” in neoclassical times because of the many gardens accompanying the historic buildings there. As a matter of fact, it is the garden of Poldi Pezzoli Museum that frames the bistrot Corsia del Giardino.

The bistrot covers 200 square meters and has large windows most of which overlook the Poldi Pezzoli garden and the Fontana dei Cavalli designed by the architect Lomacci, while the rest face the big courtyard that leads to the main street. Open space and greenery surround this place and become part of its identity.
Careful attention was paid to reflect a refined and modern taste, to create a unique space where interior design would be the setting for the finest selection of simple but above all quality food.



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