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CC-TAPIS & STUDIOPEPE – The Soft Poetry of Randomness

Client: CC-Tapis  

Studiopepe interprets for CC-Tapis, the fascinating balance between materiality and craftsmanship with “The Soft Poetry of Randomness”.
An installation that synaesthetically explores wool, a raw material that is generous and cosy which is always inspiring due to it’s versatility and beauty in every step of production. A noble material which transforms into an object thanks to craftsmanship. The spaces of the cc-tapis showroom will be a theatre to this metamorphosis which will involve sight, touch and smell. Wool becomes the main element in an installation covering the space in a random and poetic manner. Quadro Celeste will be at the centre of this installation, the new collection of rugs and wallhangings by Studiopepe.

12th April

The Soft Poetry of Randomness

Cocktail party

Via S. Simpliciano 6

7pm – 10pm

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