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Client: Baba  
Year: 2015


The company is born in Milan in 2012 with the purpose of making natural treatments to 100% for who want to feel well.BABA is a natural help to feel better and being more tonics and rid fast of toxins. At the beginning of 2015 BABA, from three years from the launch, is also available in other cities of the country and not only in Milan.


The body we inhabit is our world, our tool to achieve happiness. Organs, skin, brain and emotions. Feeling good means to achieve a balance: what to put in there improves and throw out what makes us sick, feeding the best body. We want to help people to live, grow old, love. One step at a time toward change by the natural food and lit a delightful experience.


The best fruits, vegetables and herbs the best without compromising on quality and effectiveness.
In everything we do we give and we take the best that nature has to offer, preserving its bioactivity.


Naked, pure and raw. We are more of a juice or a supplement. We are more than just a path detox. We are your mantra to happiness.

NAKED. We present ourselves as well. Colored. Positive. Solari. We are the natural help, no masks, no additives, no frills. We are real, unique and never the same.

PURI. We extracted cold. We only natural foods. We collected daily. Simple. Regenerating. Healthy. We are on the side of things well. We are clean inside and out.

RAW. We fruit. We vegetables. We are fresh. We herbs. We plant. Alchemists of nature. Abiding vitality contained in food. We are proud and products as a time to do so today.





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