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AVERY PERFUME GALLERY opens in Cannes and Mykonos

Client: Intertrade Group  
Year: 2017

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is a rare dimension in niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group, under the guidance of Celso Fadelli, and  today announce two new openings, one in Cannes and one in Mykonos.
AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is the first and only international retail chain dedicated to Art Perfumery, and also welcomes on-line shopping through its e-shop. Its boutiques, now 20 today in 16 countries, are recognised for their visual setting halfway between classical and contemporary, totally and intentionally detached from seasonal trends. They are symbols of a timeless and refined aesthetic sense. The welcoming atmosphere co-exists with the perfect eloquence of minimal spaces, where the clear and ordered displays help to guide consumer choice in a warm and welcoming, interactive
customer experience.

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