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Avery Perfume Gallery @ Excelsior Milan

Client: Intertrade Group  
Year: 2014

A place of “wonder” and contemporary beauty. Opening in December at Excelsior, in the heart of Milan, is an experiment that is visual and conceptual, more than a retail experience.

Avery Perfume Gallery is a new dimension in niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group. A fully olfactory concept, introduced into a context of high aesthetic tension. A genuine Wunderkammer under the creative direction of Cristiano Seganfreddo, with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, of almost 200 meters, whose displays look out over the small and delicious Piazzetta Beccaria. The walls become magnificent curtains that recreate the atmosphere of a sublime Milanese residence, created with textiles manufactured by Bonotto, a kaleidoscopic surrounding. An opulence almost of times past though moderated by modern day changeability provided by the installations of the irreverent works by the great epoch-making artists Fluxus.

There are four commercial areas, emphasized by changes of furnishings and curtains.

New Avery Perfume Galleries are planned shortly in Italy and internationally, including Doha and Rabat in 2015, to consolidate the presence of the Intertrade Group in Europe and around the world.






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