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Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman

Client: Intertrade Group  
Year: 2015

“I’ve always dreamed of having a fragrance in my own name. It’s an old story. When I was a child, I took small flowers of lavender, hyacinth, I mixed and shook them and made my fragrance. I started wearing a fragrance very young. I like all the terms explaining the fragrance, I like to know which ones are its ingredients. I hope that my fragrances evoke the same serenity and discretion present in all my other creations.” Andrée Putman.


Today her daughter Olivia Putman, following the success of the first fragrance, and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first fragrance, Intertrade Group is very proud to present the full collection named Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman.



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